Generation of Destiny Children Pray

Encouraging Praying Children Around the World

How to Use this Page

Use this page to find out where Houses of Prayer are arising in the earth. Click on a nation and pray:
-for the House of Prayer in that nation to be established
-for it to grow
-for the Lord to set singers and musicians in place in that House of Prayer
-for all the finance that is needed
for a spirit of wisdom and revelation to understand the Lord's heart
-for the Holy Spirit to come and help the people to sing and pray 24/7 (this means ALL  the time, all day long and all night long)

Especially pray that God would set children in the heart of the prayer houses all around the world!  For you said: "For My house shall be called a House of Prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56:7) Lord Jesus please send your spirit to every tribe and nation and let the children pray! 

(This page will always be under construction as we hear about more and more Houses of Prayer in the nations of the world).  Soon we will make links to every one of the nations below so you can find out more about each House of Prayer.

International House of Prayer
Mexico House of Prayer

Hungary House of Prayer
Hawaii House of Prayer KHOP
South Africa House of Prayer
Austria Prayer House
Herrnhut Germany House of Prayer
Cambodia House of Prayer
United Kingdom Houses of Prayer
Russia House of Prayer
Egypt House of Prayer
Jerusalem House of Prayer
Canada House of Prayer
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New Zealand House of Prayer
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United States Houses of Prayer