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Learn to Pray -

Jesus said, "My House will be called a House of Prayer for all nations". Jesus was telling us what He was going to do and what the place would be like where He would live.

On this page you can learn all about dwelling with Jesus in the House or Place of Prayer. Click on the links below to find out more:

Pray Read the Bible

What is the Gospel

Come Lord Jesus

Psalm 8 - what happens when I pray

Prayer - Luke 18 (coming soon)

Prayer - singing the Bible (coming soon)

Prayer - In-ter-ce -sion (coming soon)

Prayer - Psalm 27:4 (coming soon)

Prayer - Fellowship -  (coming soon)

Prayer - Worship - (coming soon)

Prayer - Repentance (coming soon)

Prayer - ABC's of Adoration (coming soon)

Prayer - A Grateful Heart - (coming soon)