Generation of Destiny Children Pray

Encouraging Praying Children Around the World

Nigeria 2010

Please pray for 15 children who go to nursery and primary school and who have been kidnapped. Please pray that the children will quickly be released unharmed and that the Holy Spirit would lead them through this trial. Lord Jesus would you speak to these children about your love and mercy in the middle of this trouble. Let the perfect love of Jesus remove fear from their hearts.

December 2008

Please pray for my friend Sam L age 6. He is currently in a far away country with his parents. Many are coming to Jesus but Sam has been hit with a sudden fever. Please pray for his healing. For him to live in fullness all the days the Lord has for him. Lord Jesus let your healing words run swiftly to his heart.

September 2008

Please pray for the children of south eastern United States, Texas & Louisiana. There is a very big hurricane coming which may cause lots of flooding and trouble for many families.  Nobody knows how big the storm will be. Many people are having to leave their homes and many children are afraid.

Father God we are asking You to have mercy on the families who live in Texas and Louisiana. We pray that Your will would be done; that the parents and the children would put their trust in You. We pray that many voices would be lifted up to You, Lord. In times of trouble, help us to hear Your voice. We believe that You are good and Your mercy endures forever (1 Chronicles 16:34).

August 2008

Please pray for a little 8 year old girl who has suddenly been taken from the only home she has ever known. As long as she can remember she has been loved and cherished by a wonderful family. She was an orphan but now her birth mother has come back to claim her.  The child wants to stay with the family who has loved and cared for her and taught her to know Jesus. 

Lord give us your wisdom & help us to pray:-
-with compassion for a poor mother who wants her child back
-with compassion for a brokenhearted child who wants her family back
-with compassion for a brokenhearted family who wants their daughter back.

Come Lord Jesus - come into the heart of this situation and bring your great wisdom which is perfectly matched with your great love for mother, child and family.

June 08 Zimbabwe Crisis

Please pray for Zimbabwe. A few months ago there were elections and many of the people did NOT vote for the leader Mr. Robert Mugabe. They want a change. They want leaders who will help the people and bring better laws into the country.

Mr Mugabe has been so angry he will not leave. He will not let the other leaders come into power.   Under his government, there is very little food in the country. People are treated badly and even killed if they do not agree with this leader.

Now he is using the soldiers in his army to hurt people who don't want to vote for him. His soldiers are also throwing ordinary people out of their homes so that they cannot vote. Everybody is scared.  Most of the people have no jobs.

Lord God King of the Nations. Let Your will be done in Zimbabwe. Have mercy on the people who are being hurt Lord. Please give Mr Mugabe another chance to come to know Jesus and stop bullying his people. Please let it be Your choice of leader in Zimbabe Lord

Earthquake!! Pray for China

Click on this link to join with us to pray for China. A massive earthquake struck in Sichuan Province just a few days ago and many towns and villages have been destroyed. In one city called Juyuan,

a whole generation of children may have been lost. 

Kelsey is Healed!!!

We praise the Lord in May 2008! Kelsey has been miraculously healed. She has changed from being in complete pain, so that all she can do is cry, to being able to eat and sleep without any pain!!!!

Click on this link to hear Kelsey's amazing healing testimony.

January 2008

Prayer for Kelsey
Kelsey has been a preacher. She is only a young teenager but has taught children in Mexico to know the love of Jesus. Her family are helping to grow Houses of Prayer in many places. Now there is an enemy attack against Kelsey. She is very very sick and in a great deal of pain and the doctors do not know what to do.

We the children of the nations say "No to this sickness!- Kelsey belongs to the Lord!" The enemy cannot do what he wants to Kelsey. We pray knowing that God hears our prayers. We bless Kelseys body, inside and out in the name of Jesus. We speak healing over her. We say "Let the will of God be done" We pray and we speak an end to this pain. We pray strength and blessing into Kelsey's body.

 Lord give her strength. In the name of Jesus who was wounded for our sins. In the name of Jesus who was beaten so we could be healed. In the name of Jesus, by His wounds Kelsey is healed. Come Holy Spirit we pray You would touch Kelsey today.   

November 2007 - England

Click on this link to see an emergency prayer request from a child in England

Please pray for God to bring about justice for these children and others like them who are suffering alone.

September 2007 - Guatemala

Please pray for Joy Filled Homes: -
Due to some problems some have said we may have to close our home.  If we close the home we don't know where our precious 15 children would go!  They are all disabled and their parents can't look after them. Some of our children are orphans. We don't know who would love them and care for them.

We want to stay open and we believe the Lord wants us to stay open.  We need heaven's help. 

Would you pray this prayer based on Matthew 6,for each of our precious children?
Father God, let Your kingdom come to Joy Filled Homes
Let your will be done in our home and in the lives of each of our children
All that you desire for each of these children, Father God,
Let it be done on the earth,
Let Your will be done in Joy Filled Homes in Guatemala.

And for Maureen & her workers and all the children:-
Fill the with the knowledge of your will Lord (Colossians 1:9), and as they pray, give them peace that is beyond understanding. (Philippians 4:6)

Calling All Praying Children - Please help us

Answer to Prayer: April/May 2007
Praise the Lord the 3 children mentioned below have been found and have been brought home. Sadly these children have been hurt and now need our prayers that the Lord God would heal them and their family.  Please Lord Jesus send your spirit to this father, mother and each of their 3 children. Make each one well in their hearts, in their bodies and in their feelings. Come to them and do not let them go!  Send Your Spirit. Send help to this family and many other families just like them.  "Come Lord Jesus" - come near them.

February 2007

Children of the nations! Please pray for 3 kids just like you, J - age 4, E- age 2 and A  - age 1.  They were kidnapped on February 19th by their father.  This is a man who is not like God our Father - God is filled with love and kindness towards all His children.  God is a good good Father.

But this man has followed sinful ways for many years and his heart has become dark.  He has lost a heart of love. He wants to do his own children great harm by selling them to evil people to abuse them. 

The Lord knows exactly where these children are, and He can deliver them before it is too late, before they are sold.  The Lord God can send His angels to show the police where these children are. He can send His angels to stop the man everywhere he tries to run. Our God is mighty to save all those who call upon His name. 

Will you join together all over the world and together call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus for these 3 precious children? 

Come Lord God, the One who made the heavens and the earth.  You are the One who has all power.  We cry out for these 3 little ones.  Deliver them from wicked men; deliver the children from evil.  Come Lord Jesus, send Your Spirit and cause the children to be found, show the police where they are.  Keep the children safe, Lord Jesus, return them to their mother.  You are the Good Shepherd.  We cry out for these little ones, would You Yourself go after them, Lord Jesus?

Would You cause their dad to be caught, Lord Jesus?  Would You do whatever it takes to lead their dad to realise his sin; and to bring their dad to repentance (that means being deeply sorry)

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Emergency prayer requested