Generation of Destiny Children Pray

Encouraging Praying Children Around the World

You are the Lord and we long for Your Return

Come King Jesus - Come and rule the whole earth - Come and sit on Your Throne in Jerusalem, Come King of all the nations, let Your kingdom come to this earth, Come King of Kings.  Come and reign.  Come with Your government which will never stop increasing.

Come Holy Bridegroom - Make Your Bride ready; make the church ready to be united with Your forever.  We are the Bride and we miss our Bridegroom, He is gone from us and we long to be with Him, we were meant to be with Him.  Its not the same without You Jesus, we ache with longing to see You and to be with You.

Come Righteous Judge of the whole earth - Come and make wrong things right. Come and bring Your justice all over the earth.  Come and remove all that gets in the way of people loving You.  Come judge of the nations.  Come and deliver the earth from darkness and evil.

Prayer for the Return of Jesus

(Revelation 22:12, 16-17, 20)

12 Behold, I am coming quickly...16. I, Jesus ... am the Root
and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star."
17 The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!"....

20 "Surely, I am coming quickly, "Even so, COME, Lord Jesus!"

Come Lord Jesus

Come near us and help us to know you better

  Come to us right here where we live, fill us with your spirit, that as we speak of Jesus many will come to know Him.

  Come for us  come back to this earth, come down from the sky, come and gather us close to Yourself so that we may be with you forever.

Come Lord Jesus!