Generation of Destiny Children Pray

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Children Hear From Jesus June 2008

The following group of children went to the seaside (the beach) some for the first time in their lives. Here is what Jesus spoke to them about!

14 year old A. "When I was in the shallow water at the beach. I saw
many beautiful shells. We started collecting them. But later, when I went into the deep water, where it was a little dangerous and it was pulling me this way and that way.I found REALLY beautiful SHELLS. These were nowhere to be found in the shallow water, only in the deep. God showed me that there are treasures in the shallow waters (with HIM), but only if we go deeper can we find the real treasures of God. We must go deeper with Jesus."

13 year old M. "God showed me that if I try to swim against the current, I will get nowhere. I tried and tried, but it was like I wasn't even moving. I got scared because the undertow was pulling me out, but when I swam left, like Aunty told me to, I immediately as able to relax and get out of the danger zone. I think God showed me that when trouble comes, I can fight the trouble in my own strength, but I won't be able to get out of it. Instead I need to just step over into Jesus and relax and then I will be able to get out of the trouble."

M also said, "I saw the waves in the early morning, crashing on the shore, again and again and again and again and God spoke to me, "My love is like the waves, they never stop, day or night, crashing on the shore, and my love never stops coming over you, day or night, my love is always moving towards you."

14 year old J, "I was in the deep water with Aunty, and I was holding her hand. But I thought to myself, 'I can handle this water by myself, so I just let go of Aunty's hand and enjoyed. Within moments, a HUGE wave came and knocked me down (her nose, cheek and forehead were scraped up big time..), and somehow Aunty saved me. After I got out and calmed down, God spoke to me, 'Sometimes you might feel you can handle things on your own, and you might let go of my hand, but the only safe place to be is holding on to me. Don't let go of my hand."

Several children talked about the ocean's bigness equaling the bigness of God's love. 16 year old G- said that the waves were always moving, the ocean was never stagnant, and that it was a good reflection to him of God's love, never stagnant, always moving, even we aren't aware of it.

Many of the children felt like God was showing them the depths of His love. Many of the talked about how fun the shore was, and the shallow waters and the crashing of the waves. Some were reluctant to go deeper. But all who went deeper talked about the REAL FUN being in the deep waters, not the shallow waters or shore. They talked about how God showed them that the REAL FUN was with Jesus in DEEP PLACES.

16 year old G talked about the POWER of the water. How it could bless or destroy, and how that reminded him of God. God was ready to wash away and destroy sin with great power, and the same great power is used to bring blessings and fullness and joy.