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Beholding the Beauty

Posted by godprayer on July 18, 2006 at 12:50 AM

New Behold

to behold!

Encounter: To touch, to notice, to come across, to experience, to catch a glimpse of

Gaze: to eyeball, to comtemplate, prolonged looking
Stare at: with amazement, open eyed, to watch with fascination
See: to see clearly, to want to see, to view, to choose to see
Look at: understand, observe, watch, witness, consider
Meet: to be introduced to, to come face to face with, to get to know

Above are different ways we could define the word "behold". What does it really mean to behold the beauty of the Lord? Look at all the possibilities!




 Look at each word and phrase above. Think about it. Use it as you pray, like this: "Lord Jesus I want to touch Your Beauty" and "Lord Jesus I want to contemplate Your Beauty" and "Lord Jesus I want to stare at Your Beauty". Ask your parents or prayer group leader to do this with you. You can't do it all in one day. Rather do a little each day for many days.

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